Gujrat State Open School (GJSOS). as an autonous Organisation under Education Department.Govt.of Gujrat is yet another signification mile ston, on the road of rapid socio-economic development of the state in last few years.GJSOS, is a registered Govt. Society under Societies Act. It is an Open & Distance Learning Institution, set up on the lines of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), under Ministry of Human Resource Development. Govt. of India. It`s mandate is to "Reach the Unreached" in terms of Education & skill, in Gujrat through Open & Distance learning mode. in the state with social focus on marginalised Socio-economic and Religius section. As an Apex Organisation. in the field of school education. it develops it`s own content and books, imparts education. corresponding to all lavel of formal school system. i.e. from Class l to Class Xll. It also hold Public Examination. followed by grand of Certificates for Class X and Class Xll. having equivalence with the Certificate of other Formal School Examination Boards like C.B.S.E./I.C.S.E. and other Secondary Boards of the Country .Therefor in effect . it is an amalgamation of State Council of Educational Reserch and Training and Gujrat School Examination Board . in the field of Open & Distance Learning at school lavel. It has also been declared as a Nodal Agency for the State. GJSOS has several unique & distinguashing features. which sets it aport from all other formal Examination Boards.

It impart vocational and skills training in addition to it academic cousces, rights from the level corresponding to Class 5+ up to classes below degree levels of Universities. It allosw combination of Vocation Courses along with Acadmic subjects at Class X/Xll level and also imparts training in stand alon vocational subjects depending upon the lavel of courses & competencies ,involved.GJSOS grants Diplomas & Certificates for various educatioal & vocation courses for various duration & competency levels.

It also provides, various life enrichment courses, in diffirent ealegoties Other imovative features of Gujrat State Open School (GJSOS).

Gujrat State Open School (GJSOS) is fast emerging as a powerful instrument of policy Intervention for the State Govt. for not only, in helping in Universalisation School Education. but also for ensuring access, equity & qwality in it along with mainstreaming of marginalised communities and there by "Reaching the unriched" It has immense potential and code to help the state in reaping the "Demographic Dividend" efectivety by tronsforming unskilled & Semi-skilled work force of Gujrat into skilled and valuable human resource, through distance learning mode GJSOS holds tremendous possibilities for providing relevent event and new market driven skill sets to youth op Gujrat and also to up scate their exiting skill base. GJSOS has already emerged as a nodal Agency for the state in this regard and is in the orocces of forgiving new collaboration & partnership with leading players in different sector of trade & industry. GJSOS is uniquely poised to service, from its vast and varied bouquet of courses of study, subjects, training packeges and Instructional materials to satisfy the pneeds of it`s diverse client groups.